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Nelson Hinds is an extraordinarily gifted composer who, after an early career that spanned both coasts and a series of collaborations that included residencies in Carascas, Venezuela, has chosen to make his home in Denver, Colorado where he maintains a busy schedule of scoring for film and television along with arranging for a number of symphony orchestras around the country. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his early talents led him to pursue bachelors and masters degrees from Eastman School of Music where he studied brass with pre-eminent trombonist, Emory Remington, composition with Bill Dobbins and film scoring with Ray Wright.

Since the mid 1990's , Nelson has been writing for TV, documentaries and film. He wrote the original score and songs for the movie, "Almost Blue" starring Michail Madsen" and has provided original scores for TV shows Breed All About It, Unwrapped, Mings Quest, Busted, Rocky Mountain Holidays Series, Ireland, 2002 International Cable Awards Docurmentary Film, Amerian Festivals, a documentary on Mount Vernon Trees, Colorado Historical Society, Disney Weddings, and a Parade Magazine TV special. In 2005, he created a powerful Olympic theme for use in the coverage of the games for the Hearst-Argyle television group and has just finished a surround sound recording for the new Hearst Tower Theater in New York City. Nelson creates outstanding music in almost every style from Baroque to country to jazz and contemporary music.